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Best Places for photo sessions in Sedona

Best Places for photo sessions  in Sedona

What makes Sedona such a unique place for photo session or even to Elope? For starters, the Red Rock that surrounds the town is absolutely breathtaking and wherever you are, it is always in view. You don't have to travel far to get to some pretty amazing views which is what is in demand for a beautiful Sedona session. I am very much into natural light and calculate the right time of day for that perfect warm light that you will want in your elopement photos. I can help you with the timing so we can capture the light in the best possible way.

So these top 5 Sedona locations are best for light, variety. ease and scenery which are very important when you are planning your Sedona session or elopement.

Seven Sacred Pools

Seven Sacred Pools is a beautiful location in the heart of Sedona. It has a variety of landscape , native to Arizona plants  and the feature which is the Seven Sacred Pools surrounded by unique red rock formations . It is approximately a 15-20 min easy hike to the pools from the parking lot.  Ideal for 1 hr sessions

Pros- Very pretty lush area, a variety of areas for photos, close to the Red Rock, Easy hike.

Cons- Small parking lot, Busy trail and you do not get alot of light and sunset views in this area.

Olivia DNG_81.jpg

Secret Slick Rock

Secret Slick Rock is an amazing Sedona location that tourists don't know much about, but it has incredible views of Cathedral rock and a wide open space to get a lot of movement photos. It is about a 10 -15 min easy although a little rocky in a couple areas hike. The backlight can be really pretty here and sunset views are guaranteed.  Ideal for 1 hour sessions.

Pros- Not crowded, Don't have to wait for parking, Beautiful light and view of Cathedral rock is the best here. 

Cons- Wide open ( no shade) so can be hot in the summer, trail is rocky, a change of shoes is a good idea. 


Yavapai Trail

Yavapai Trail is a gorgeous open 360 view of many surrounding rock formations including Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. It is a 10 min easy hike from the parking lot to this open area where you also have some greenery and plants like agaves. Nice backlight with the trees. Perfect for a Sedona elopement or couples session.

Pros- 360 views, A lot of rock formations to be seen,  easy to get too, not too busy 

Cons- Timing is important for light, no sunset views 

A couple eloping in Sedona Arizona taken by Arizona wedding and elopement photographer Cassy Arch Photography
A couple eloping in Sedona arizona taken by elopement and wedding photographer Cassy Arch Photography

Crescent Moon Picnic Site

Crescent Moon Ranch is a state park located in the West end of Sedona. It has alot of large trees, view of Cathedral rock, pretty grass and the Creek runs through here so it is close to get to the water. It also has an Old Mill that looks great in photos. This park has a large parking lot and is an easy walk throughout to get to all the spots. The cost is $11 per vehicle to get in the park for the day. Ideal for 1 hour sessions.

Pros- Can get close or in the water, view of Cathedral Rock, large shaded trees and nice variation of scenery. Parking and bathrooms in the park.

Cons- Can be quite busy on weekends, cost to get in. There is not much green on the trees in the winter months. ( Photos were taken early November) 

S 5 (2).jpg
1 (93).jpg

Margs Draw Trail

Margs Draw Trail is right in Sedona and you have great views here. You don't have to go far as the views are right near the parking lot. The light is very nice at Golden hour and views of the sunset as well. The mountains bring red and white giving it a nice contrast and pretty colors as the sun goes down. There are some unique rock formations here and would be ideal for an elopement with more than a few family and friends.

Pros- Close to parking, not much hiking, good light, nice colorful vegetation and  sunset views . Has bathrooms .

Cons- Can be busy , you don't get real close to the rock


Cathedral Rock Hike

Cathedral rock hike is a 1.5 roundtrip moderate hike up to the spires and has nice views all the way up. There are a few spots that are a bit tricky for the new hiker and shoes with grip area a good idea. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the top , but sopping for a few photos along the way will be up to an hour. At the top there is usually a line and wait to get out to the ledge where you only have a few minutes to take photos. Timing is important so we can catch the right light for sunset and golden hour. This hike is very busy and sometimes crowded so can be a little difficult to get a lot of photos. There are two parking lots, but rather small and on busy days and weekends they sometimes will close the road down to the hike until around 4pm. A Sedona elopement would be ideal on the lower half of the rock and then up to the top for Bride and Groom photos. 

Pros- Beautiful views and rock formations, gets close to the rock, good adventure and nice lighting. Bathrooms are here as well.

Cons- Parking is difficult and very busy trail, Not a lot of room at the top. Hard to guarantee exact timing. 

a couple enjoying the view at the top of Cthedral rock in Sedona Arizona taken by Arizona photographer Cassy Arch Photographyy
A couple enjoying golden hour at the top of Cathedral rock in sedona arizona taken by Arizona photographer Cassy Arch Photography
A couple hiking at the top of Cathedral rock in Sedona Arizona taken by Arizona photographer Cassy Arch Photography
A couple dancing at the top of /cathdral rock in Sedona arizona taken by Arizona photographer cassy Arch photographyr
A couple hiking to Cathedral rock in Sedon Arizona taken by Arizona photographer Cassy Arch Photography
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